Importing data from Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking software that helps you create and organize digital notes—and keeps them synced across all your devices. You can use it as a digital filing cabinet to organize all your notes, whether they're field notes if you engage in a research project, strategic plans for work, meeting notes, notes for project planning, PDF documents that you found online, websites, photos or videos that you took with your mobile devices, or audio notes.

To import all or a selection of data you have collected in Evernote,

Select the Import & Export tab in the main ribbon and from there Evernote.

Sign in to your Evernote account and authorize ATLAS.ti to access your account.

Select what you want to import. ATLAS.ti recognizes the folder structure that you have build in Evernote and will group the documents accordingly creating document groups in ATLAS.ti.

Select the folders or documents that you want to import from Evernote

Document Manager after import:

Document Manager after importf from Evernote data