About this Quick Tour

This Quick Tour describes the main functions of ATLAS.ti 22, so that you get a quick overview of how to use the software and get started with your analysis. If you need more detail or information about functions that are not described in this manual, you can always use the online help by pressing the F1 key.

Video Tutorial: Overview of ATLAS.ti 22 Windows.

It is not required that you read the manual sequentially from the beginning to the end. Feel free to skip sections that describe concepts you are already familiar with, jump directly to sections that describe functions you are interested in, or simply use it as a reference guide to look up information on certain key features.

The sequence of the chapters follows the steps that are necessary to start and work on an ATLAS.ti project. At first, we introduce you to the main concepts and give an overview of the main steps when analysing data with ATLAS.ti. Then we walk you through step-by-step:

  • How to create a project and add documents.
  • How to code you data.
  • How to explore your data and write memos and comments.
  • How to analyse your data and build conceptual networks.
  • How to create reports.

Some general familiarity with concepts and procedures relating to the operating system and computing in general (e.g., selecting techniques, files, folders, paths) is assumed.

This is largely a technical document. You should not expect any detailed discussion of methodological aspects of qualitative research. However, you find some recommendations about how to code your data, how to build a coding system for a computer-assisted qualitative data analysis, or how to work with memos including references to academic sources. At the end of some chapter you find longer lists of articles, book chapters or books for further study.

Useful Resources for Getting Started

Video tutorials are available for each main topic. You find links to those tutorials at the beginning of the chapters introducing a new main topic.

To those seeking in-depth instruction on methodological aspects, the ATLAS.ti Training Center offers a full complement of dedicated ATLAS.ti training events worldwide, both through online courses and face-to-face seminars in nearly all parts of the world. Visit the ATLAS.ti Academy for more information.