Working with Geo Documents

Creating Geo Quotations

For more general information on quotations, see Quotation Level and Working with Quotations.

Creating a Geo quotation is not much different from creating other type of quotations. The only difference is that the quotation is just one location on the map - the place mark, and not a region.

Right-click on the place mark and select the option Create Quotation.
To create further quotations:
Either enter a new address and search for a location of interest, or left-click a point of interest on the map to set a place mark.

Right-click and select Create Quotation from the context menu, or use the short-cut cmd+H.
You can enter a name for geo quotation in the inspector on the right-hand side.

Add Geo Quotation

Display of Geo Quotations

Geo quotations can be accessed in the margin area, the Quotation Manager, the Project Explorer, and from within networks. Geo quotations are displayed as follows:

  • The quotation icon shows a place mark.

  • In the Project Explorer, the Quotation Reader and Manager and all reports, geo quotations are referenced as decimal degrees, e.g. LAT 48.859911° LON 2.377317°. In addition, the Quotation Manager shows a preview of the Geo location. You may want to consider renaming Geo quotations, e.g. by adding the name of the location. Another option is to add a comment. See also Working with Multimedia Quotations.

Activating Geo Quotations

Select a Geo quotation in any of the following places and double-click:

  • margin area
  • Quotation Manager
  • Project Explorer
  • Network

The quotation will be displayed in context.

An activated place mark is colored in orange. Non-activated place marks are colored in gray.

Modifying a Geo quotation

To modify a Geo quotation, activate it, so it is highlighted in orange.

Move the place mark to a different location. The quotation follows along.

Coding Geo Quotations

For more general information on coding, see Coding Data.

You can also create a quotation and link a code to it in one step, or code an existing quotation:

Set a place mark or select an existing quotation, right-click and select the option Apply Codes or cmd+J.
All other drag-and-drop operations described for coding also apply.
Add Geo Code

Creating a Geo

You can create a snapshot from the geographic region that is currently shown on your screen. This snapshot is automatically added as a new image document.

The advantage of the image is that you can select a region as quotation and not only a single point on a map. Further you can browse the Geo location in Google Maps (see below).

Open a Geo document.

In the Document tab, click on the button Create Snapshot.
A new document is created. The default name is: 'Geo Snapshot @ longitude:latitude' of the last selected location.

As a snapshot results in an image document, you can also handle it like an image document. See for example Creating Image Quotations.