Display Code List as Code Cloud or Bar Chart

An alternative way to view your list of codes is in form of a code cloud or a bar chart.

Code Cloud

In the Code Manager, select the View Mode and select the Code Cloud option.

Code Manager Cloud View

Code Manager Cloud View

The image above shows a code list filtered by a code group that contains three categories and their subcodes. The subcodes are displayed with their long names in the code cloud (category: subcode).

Code List as Bar Chart

Select the option Bar Chart to visualize your code list in form of a bar chart.

Code Manager Bar Chart View

If you right-click on a code, the same context menu opens as in 'List' view. Thus, in the cloud view you can start the same actions as in the regular view. You can for instance rename codes, split or merge codes, or open a network on one or multiple codes.

Printing the Code-Cloud or the Bar Chart View

You can print both the 'Cloud' view and the 'Bar Chart'. In order to do so:

Select the Export button in the toolbar and from there Export Image. The image is saved as .png file.

Print Code Cloud or Bar Chart