Adding a Geo Document to a Project

ATLAS.ti uses Open Street Map as its data source for geo documents. You can view it as map, satellite, or hybrid. Even though there is only one data source, you can also use more than one geo docs in your project, e.g. to create distinct sets of locations, to simulate tours, to simply tell different stories.

To add a geo document to the project, go to the Document button in the toolbar, and select New Geo Document from the drop-down menu.

A new document is added and if you open it you see the world map. The default name is "Geo Document". You may want to rename it, so it better describes your analytic intention.

Add Geo Document

Finding a Location

The first thing you probably want to do is to query an address:

Enter a location, address or landmark like Eiffel Tower into the search field.

The map immediately displays the location that fits the search term and adds a place mark.

Changing the View

At the bottom left-hand side, you can switch between map, satellite, or a hybrid view.

For further information, see Working with Geo Data.