Project Transfer

You can transfer ATLAS.ti projects to the web version and vice versa. The latter is the recommended option - begin your work in the Web version, especially if you are interested in synchronous coding with a team. If you want to use the functionality of the desktop version, export your project and import it into the desktop version. If you transfer a desktop project to ATLAS.ti web, the formatting of document changes as online you work in a browser. Therefore, you cannot set up a mixed team work project where some people work in the desktop version and others in the web version.

ATLAS.ti projects cannot be opened by previous versions of ATLAS.ti.

In order to transfer a project to a different computer, e.g., to share it with team members, you need to create a project bundle file.

A project bundle file contains all documents that you have added or linked to a project. In addition, it contains the project file with all codings, codes, memos, comments, networks, and links.

To create a project bundle file:

From the main menu, select Project > Export > Project.

If your project does not contain multimedia files, the Save File Dialog opens. If your project does contain multimedia files, see Creating Partial Bundle Files.

The default name for the bundle will be the project name. You can rename the project bundle file at this stage, which however does not change the name of the project that is contained within the bundle.

Select a name and location for storing the project bundle file and click Save.

Think of the project bundle file like a bag that contains your project. Putting a different label on the outside of the bag does not change anything that is inside, which is your project with all your coded segments, comments, memos, networks, etc. and all documents that have been added to it. When you import the project bundle, the project name after import will still be the original name. If you want to rename the project file, you need to do this either during the process of importing the project, or on the opening screen. See Project Management.

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