Network View Options

In ATLAS.ti Mac you have the following view options:

Code-Document Connections: At times it is interesting to see which codes have been applied to a document, or a document group. When coding the data, you apply codes to quotations, which are part of documents, but you do not directly apply codes to a document. Therefore, there are no direct links between documents and codes. In order to see those connections, you need to activate this option.

Code-Document and Code-Document Group connections are shown as blue lines.

Preview: You can activate a preview for documents, quotations and memos. Audio and video documents or quotations can be played in the preview window. If you only want to see the preview of selected entities, right-click the entity and select the Preview option from the context menu.

Comments: You can activate to see comments for documents, quotations, codes, memos or groups in a network.