Importing an Existing Project

The following project types can be imported:

VersionFile Type
Version 8 or newer (Windows and Mac)Project Bundle
ATLAS.ti WebProject Bundle
Version 7Transfer bundle
Project Exchange formatQDPX

Exported projects from the Ipad or Android apps can also be imported. ATLAS.ti Cloud projects can currently not be imported into the desktop version.

How to Import Projects

If you just started ATLAS.ti,

Select the Import Project option on the right-hand side of the opening screen.

If ATLAS.ti is already open,

Double-click on a project bundle file on your computer. This will open ATLAS.ti if it is not already open, and you can import the project.


Select Project > Import Project. Rename the project if appropriate.


  • You have the option to rename the project before importing. This is useful for team project work and if you do not want to overwrite an existing version.

Importing a project

If the project contains Linked Media Files

If the project contains linked media files, and the files have not been included in the bundle, you can relink them. This requires that you have a copy of the file on your computer, or a file that is accessible on an external drive or server.