The ATLAS.ti Interface

When you open a project, you see the menu on top, the project navigator on the left-hand side and an inspector on the right-hand side. The inspector displays more information of the current active entity. After just opening a project, this is the project.

Below the main menu, you see a toolbar that allows quick access to the Document, Quotation, Code, Memo and Network Manager.

Main Toolbar

The ATLAS.ti Main Window

You also find the usual show and hide icons for the sidebars and the inspector.

The Main Menu

The Project menu gives access to all project related functions:

Project Menu

Document Menu

The Document menu gives access to all document related functions:

Quotation Menu

The Quotation menu gives access to all quotation related functions:

Code Menu

The Code menu gives access to all code related functions:

Memo Menu

The Memo menu gives access to all memo related functions:

Network Menu

The Network menu gives access to all network related functions:

Analysis Menu

The Analysis menu gives access to all analytic functions that you need after you have coded the data. You also find the Word List / Word Cloud option under this menu: