User Accounts

ATLAS.ti automatically creates a user account based on the name that you use on your computer.

To check who is currently logged in:

From the main menu, select Project > User Management > Show User Manager.

Creating a New User Account

A reason for creating a new user account is for instance if two persons on a team have the same name, or if you want to use a different name than the automatically assigned name.

In the User Manager, click on the plus (+) button and enter a username. You can set a password, but it is not required. Click ok to save the new user.

Merging Users

If you have been working on different computers and use different usernames, there could be two or more usernames that all refer to the same person. You can simply merge them in the User Manager by dragging the user account you do not want to keep onto the user account you want to keep.

User Accounts

From the main menu, select Project > User Management > Change User. Open the drop-down menu next to the username and select a different user. Click ok.

When merging projects that come from different computers and that use the same username, the username will be duplicated, e.g., Tom and Tom (2). This means you can still distinguish the two users. However, it may be a bit cumbersome to always remember who is who.