Setting a Global Filter

Global filters can be set in the Project Explorer on the left, and in each Manager.

Right-click on a group in the Document Group section of the Project Explorer and select the option Set Global Filter.
In the ribbon of the Managers, you can also set and remove global filters in the Search & Filter tab.

Display Of Globa

If a global filter is set, all affected managers, browsers, lists and tools show a colored bar on top indicating which filter has been set.

  • global document filters are blue.
  • global quotations filters are orange.
  • global code filters are green.
  • global memo filters are magenta.
  • global network filters are purple

Activating / Deactivating Global Filters

While a global filter is active, you can temporarily deactivate it by clicking on the check-box in the global filter bar that you see above each filtered list or table.

Changing a Global Filter

To change a global filter, right-click on a different group of the same type and set it as global filter. This will automatically deactivate the currently active filter.

Removing a Global Filter

To remove a global filter, click on the x on the right-hand side of the global filter bar. Another option is to right-click on the group you have filtered and select Clear Global Filter from the context menu.