About Code Trees and the Code Forest

Code trees, and the code forest are not hierarchical. Think of them like real trees that have branches that go to all sides and not only in one direction.
The code trees, and the code forest represent the links you have created between two codes in a tree like manner. You can link codes via drag & drop to each other, but most linking will be done in the network editor.

When you link codes to each other, you can choose between symmetric, asymmetric and transitive relations. The later two are directed relations. If you use a symmetric relation than the two codes point towards each other.

The code forest represent the entire code system. A code tree shows the linkages of one code.

To open the code forest or, click on the Navigator button in the Home tab and select Code Forest. If you want to open a code tree for a select code, open the Code Manager, select a code and select Code Tree from the Code Manager ribbon.
Let's assume the following relations among the codes A, B and C have been created:

  • Code A is part of Code B (transitive relation)
  • Code B is associated with Code C (symmetric relation)
  • Code C is property of Code D (asymmetric relation)

are presented as follows in the code forest:

Code D {0-1} Code C {0-2} Code B {0-2} Code A {0-1} Code C {0-2}

The code tree for code A is:

Code A {0-1}

The code tree for code B is:

Code B {0-2} Code A {0-1} Code C {0-2}

The code tree for code C is:

Code C {0-2} Code B {0-2}

The code tree for code D is:

If the code system only consist of those four codes, it is the same as the code forest:

Code D {0-1} Code C {0-2} Code B {0-2} Code A {0-1} Code C {0-2}

As you can see from the example, the code tree and forest do not present your code system hierarchically. Rather, it is a different way to present the conceptual relationships you have created in networks.

Excerpt from a code forest

Example Code Forest

Example for the display of code trees for selected codes

Example Code Forest

For organizing and sorting your codes hierarchically, we recommend following the guidelines described in the section How to build a code system.