ATLAS.ti Account and Licence Activation

For further information on Multi-User License Management, see our Guide for License Holders & Administrators.

Requesting a Trial Version

Go to to create an account.

Confirm your email address.

Request a trial license by clicking on Trial Desktop.

This brings you to the Cleverbridge Website.

Enter the required information and download the software.

If you do not want to download the software immediately, you can always do this later in your ATLAS.ti account. To do so, select My Applications.

The trial version can be used for 5 active days by one person on one computer within a period of 3 months. At the end of the test period, you can continue to use ATLAS.ti with limited functionality. If your project contains more than 10 documents, 50 quotations or 25 codes, you can no longer save any changes. Thus, ATLAS.ti then becomes a read-only version.

You can initiate the purchase of a full licence from your ATLAS.ti account. After activating the licence, and the program can be used again at full capacity. You can also continue to work on your project without any data loss.

You cannot install a trial version again on the same computer.

Activating a Licence

You need to make an online connection at least once to activate your licence. Once the account it activated, you can work offline and no further online connection is required. Please note, if you are using a seat that is part of a multi-user licence, you will blog the seat if you are offline.

If you have purchased an individual license from the ATLAS.ti web shop, your license has been added to your account. The next step is to activate it.

Similarly, if you are a member of a team of users under a multi-user license, you have received a license key, an invitation code, or invitation link from the person who manages the license.

The ATLAS.ti License Management System allocates seats of multi-user license dynamically. This means, you are assigned the first free seat under your license. If all seats are occupied, you will be allocated the next seat that opens up.

Log in to your ATLAS.ti account.

Navigate to License Management (the default page) and enter either the license key, or the invite code that you were given by the license owner/license manager.

Click Activate License.

Start ATLAS.ti on your computer and click Check For Updated License and follow the on-screen instructions to complete a few easy steps to activate your license.

Your installation is now activated, and you can start using ATLAS.ti.

Accessing Your Account from within ATLAS.ti

On the opening screen, click on the user avatar. If you have not added a picture yet, it will show the first two letters of your account name.

User avatar

Click on Manage Account. This takes you to the login screen. Enter your log in information (email and password) to access your account.

Manage Account

Logging Out

It is important to understand that the installation of ATLAS.ti is independent of the licencing of the software. You can have ATLAS.ti installed on as many computers as you want. A single-user licence gives you the right to use it on two computers, e.g. your desktop computer at the office and your laptop at home; or your Windows computer and your Mac computer; or the Cloud version and a desktop version. If you want to use ATLAS.ti on a third computer, or if you get a new computer, make sure you log out at the computer that you do no longer want to use. If you have been invited to use a multi-user license, you will have one seat for the time when using ATLAS.ti.

There are two ways how to log out to free a seat:

Click on the user avatar in the welcome screen and click Log Out and Restart.
If you forgot to log out in ATLAS.ti, you can always access your user account via a web browser:

Go to Enter your email address and password to log in.

Select the Log Out option at the bottom left above your avatar in your ATLAS.ti account.

Manage Account

Working Off-Line

When starting ATLAS.ti, it checks whether you have a valid licence. If you know that you won't have online access for a given period, you can set your licence to off-line work for a specified period.

If you have a licence that does not expire, the maximum off-line period is four months. If you have a lease licence, the maximum period is dependent on the expiration date of your lease. This means, if your licence expires in 1 month, you cannot set the offline period to an additional 3 months.

To set your licence to off-line use, select Options on the Welcome Screen.

Click on the ATLAS.ti icon to review your current licence settings and select a period for offline availability.

Set Offline Use After the period expired, you need to connect to the Internet again to verify your licence.

Limited Version after Licence Expiration

Once the trial period or a time limited licence expire, the program is converted into a limited version. You can open, read and review projects, but you can only save projects that do not exceed a certain limit (see below). Thus, you can still use ATLAS.ti as a read-only version.

You cannot install a trial version again on the same computer.

Restrictions of the Limited Version

  • 10 primary documents
  • 50 quotations
  • 25 codes
  • 2 memos
  • 2 network views
  • auto backup is disabled