Working With Survey Data

These days, most surveys are conducted online. A positive side effect is that (a) all data is immediately available in a digital format and (b) respondents often do write lengthy answers to open-ended questions. If you work with surveys from the analog world, chances are, they will end up in an Excel™ spreadsheet at some point. Regardless how your surveys originate, ATLAS.ti can handle them once they exist in that format.

Online surveys can be created using a number of tools. What most of these tools have in common is that the let you export your data as Excel™ file. And this is what you need to prepare for import in ATLAS.ti. You can download a sample Excel file here.

Here you find information on how to prepare survey data for import: Preparing Survey Data for Import.

Here you find information on how to import survey data: Importing Survey Data.

Workflow when importing Survey Data