Restrict a Query to Sub Groups in your Data

Video Tutorial: Query Tool with Scope

Opening the Scope Tool

If you want to restrict a search to a particular document or document group, e.g. because you are interested in comparing male and female respondents, you need to open the scope tool.

Click on Edit Scope in the ribbon of the query tool.

After selecting the Edit Scope option, an additional region opens on the left-hand side. The ribbon also changes.

You can select a document or document group to restrict a search, or you can build a query using Boolean operators if you need a combination of documents or document groups, e.g. all female respondents who have children. Creating a query consisting of documents or document groups works in the same way as creating a code query. See Example Boolean Query.

Select a single document/document group or build a Boolean query. The result pane in the Scope area shows all quotations of the documents you have set as scope. The filtered results are shown on the left-hand side below the code query.

Changing the Scope

To change the scope, click on the Delete button in the scope tool.

Closing the Scope Tool

To close the scope tool, click again on Edit Scope in the ribbon.

To see the results of a restricted search, always look at the list of quotations below the code query on the left-hand side of the Query Tool window.