Generic Export for further Statistical Analysis

If you are using statistical software like SAS, STATA or R; or do not want to run a syntax file in SPSS, you can create a generic export. The generic format needs to be imported using the Excel import option of the software you are using.

To prepare a generic export, select the Import & Export tab and from there Statistical Data.
The exported file contains the following data:

  • CASENO: each quotation is a case

  • D: document number

  • Document name: name of the document

  • Media type: type of document

  • quote_start: start position of a text quotation

  • quote_end: end position of a text quotation

  • start_time: start position of

  • end_time: end position of an audio- or video quotation

  • SY / SX / EY / EX:coordinates of an image quotation

  • DG_name: quotation occurring in a document of the document group

  • code: assigned / not assigned to the code

  • CG_name: assigned / not assigned to a code of the code group

To import the data for instance to RStudio, select File/Import Data Set in RStudio.