Team Tools

Often researchers work in teams to collect and analyse data. ATLAS.ti is uniquely suited for collaborative work. A number of special tools and features support efficient work in a team. For further information see the chapter on Team Work.

For collaborative real time coding, you may want to take a look at the ATLAS.ti Web version.. ATLAS.ti web projects can be imported to the desktop version to make use of the advanced analysis tools, and the network function.

Project Merge

When you work in teams, you usually split the project into subprojects. In the desktop version you need to work asynchronously. The project merge tool unites all subprojects again. For more information see Merging Projects.

Clean up Redundant Codings

Redundant codings are overlapping or embedded quotations that are associated with the same code. Such codings can result from normal coding but may occur unnoticed during a merge procedure when working in teams. The Codings Analyzer finds all redundant codings and offers appropriate procedures to correct it. See Finding Redundant Codings.

Coder Icons in the Margin Area

You can switch the view in the margin area to display an icon for each user instead of the code icon. This way you can see while browsing through the data who applied which code.

Inter-Coder Agreement

ATLAS.ti allows for a qualitative and quantitative comparison of the codings of various coders. If you are interested in calculating a coefficient, ATLAS.ti offers the following: percent agreement, Holsti, and Krippendorff's family of alpha coefficients. See Inter-coder Agreement.

User Administration

ATLAS.ti automatically creates a username for each user when logging in. Each entity that is created is stamped with this username. This is a prerequisite for collaborative work, so you can see and compare who did what. You can rename existing users, create new user accounts, delete users and switch users. See User Accounts for more information.

Please note that synchronous team work is not supported in the desktop version. Each team member works in his or her own project file, and these need to be merged from time to time.
Use ATLAS.ti Web if you want to work with your team at the same project at the same time.