Where Does ATLAS.ti Store Project Data?

By default, ATLAS.ti projects and all documents that you add to a project are stored in a sub folder called Scientific Software in the application folder on your computer.

The application folder in Windows is called: AppData and can be found under your user account's home folder. Within the sub folder Roaming, you find folders from a number of different applications, also for ATLAS.ti.

The AppDataRoaming folder is a hidden folder and can either be accessed by entering the full path name or by typing %appdata% into the Windows 10 search field. If the user name is "Mary." the full path would be:

C:\Users\Mary\AppData\Roaming\Scientific Software\ATLASti.9

The ATLAS.ti library is a system folder and not meant for user access. Files in this folder cannot be used outside ATLAS.ti!

If you need to change the default location for the library, see Working with the ATLAS.ti Library.

Default Locations for Files and Text Analysis Models

You can check which default location are used by your installation of ATLAS.ti as follows:

When you start ATLAS.ti, select Options at the bottom left of your screen. If a project is already open, you need to close it. You cannot change the location of the library, if a project is currently open.

Select Application Preferences and look for the section ATLAS.ti Default File Location.

ATLAS.ti Default File Locatations