Query Tool Reports

Excel Report

To export the list of quotations that result from a query to Excel, click on the 'burger menu' (next to the eye) on the top right-hand side of the quotation list.

Excel export of query results

Text Report

To create a text report, click on the Report button in the ribbon. The drop-down menu offers the following options:

  • Report: This is a report that you can customize. It is explained in more detail in the section Creating Reports.

  • List: This report only includes the quotation ID, name, reference and document name. This is a useful report option if you work with audio and video data that have no textual content. It is also useful if you worked intensively with the quotation level and added your own quotation names and comments. See Quotation Level.

  • List With Comments: Same as 'list' plus quotation comments.

  • Full Content: Includes the full content of text and image quotations, plus the full quotation reference, any codes, memos and hyperlinks that apply.

  • Content plus Comments: Same as 'full content' plus quotation comments.