Storing the Results of a Query

You can store the results of a query as a smart code for further re-use. You can learn more about smart codes here

After you have created a query, click on the Save Smart Code button in the Query Tool tab.
Enter a name for the smart code and click Create.
A smart code always contains the quotations of the entire project. If you set a scope to restrict the query to certain document or document groups, this is not saved in the smart code!

You can now review all quotations of this query, e.g. in the Code or Quotation Manager, at any time. If you make some changes in your coding, the smart code will always give you the up-to-date results.

Smart codes can be recognized by the gray dot at the bottom left-hand side of the code icon. See Working With Smart Codes for further information.

If a query result delivers the quotations that are necessary to answer a research question, a smart code can be a convenient way to store this result. This can be reflected in the name of the smart code, e.g. Research question 3: Positive & negative views on parenting.