Code Co-Occurrence Tools

The co-occurrence tools search for codes that have been applied either to the same quotation or to overlapping quotations. Using these tools you can find out which topics are mentioned together or close to each other.

The co-occur operator is a combination of the WITHIN, ENCLOSES, OVERLAPS, OVERLAPPED BY and the AND operator. By default, the table searches for all co-occurrence, but you can also ask more specifically only for AND occurrences. An 'AND' occurrence means that two codes code exactly the same quotation. See available operators for further information.

The results depend on how you have coded the data. If you want to examine the proximity of certain issues, then you have to code overlapping segments, or create one quotation and apply multiple codes.

If issues that you want to code occur very close to each other in the data, the recommendation is to create one quotation and apply two or more codes to it. If these issues are spread over a long paragraph or section, the recommendation is to create multiple overlapping quotations so that the precision of coding is higher.

Code Co-occurrences can be displayed in a tree view, see Code Co-Occurrence Explorer, or as a data matrix, see Code Co-Occurrence Table.

The Explorer in addition to code co-occurrences also displays documents and their codes.