The Code Co-Occurrence Explorer

Use the Code Co-occurrence Explorer to explore coded data to get a quick overview where there might be interesting overlaps. If you are looking for specific co-occurrences and for accessing the quotations of co-occurring codes, the Code Co-occurrence Table is the better choice.

To open the tool, select the Analyze tab and click Co-oc Explorer.
The Code Co-occurrence Explorer can also be loaded from the Home tab into the navigator on the left hand side by clicking on the drop-down arrow of the Navigator button.
Open the branches by clicking on the arrow in front the root for Codes. Or, right click and select one of the Expand options.

Code Co-occurrence Explorer with global filter setting On the first level all codes are listed. If you expand the tree further, you see all co-occurring codes. On the third level, you can access the quotations of the co-occurring codes.

If you double-click on a quotation, it is displayed in the context of the document.

The Document Tree

The document tree shows all codes that have been applied to a document. If you expand the tree further, you see the quotation coded by these codes.

Code Co-occurrence Explorer Document Tree