Main Concepts and Features

You need to be familiar with the concepts of documents, quotations, codes, and memos as the overall foundation when working with ATLAS.ti, complemented by a variety of special aspects such as groups, networks, and the analytical tools.

Everything that is relevant for your analysis will be part of your ATLAS.ti project residing in the digital domain. For instance, the data you are analyzing, the quotations as your unit of analysis, the codes, the conceptual linkages, comments and memos, are all part of it. One obvious advantage of this container concept is that as user you only have to deal with and think of one entity. Activating the ATLAS.ti project is the straightforward selection of a single file; all associated material is then activated automatically.

The most basic level of an ATLAS.ti project consists of the documents you are analyzing, followed closely by the quotations (= selections from these document). On the next level, codes refer to quotations. And comments and memos - you meet them everywhere. Your ATLAS.ti project can become a highly connected entity, a dense web of primary data, associated memos and codes, and interrelations between the codes and the data. To find your way through this web, ATLAS.ti provides powerful browsing, retrieval and editing tools.

You can access information about each of these tools using the links below: