The Query Tool

The Query Tool is used for retrieving quotations using the codes they were associated with during the process of coding. The simplest retrieval of this kind - search for quotations with codes- is what you frequently do by double-clicking ona Code in the Code Manager or a code browser. See Retrieving Coded Data. This may already be regarded as a query, although it is a simple one. The Query Tool is more complex in that it can be used to create and process queries that include a variety of combinations of codes.

A query is a search expression built from operands (codes and code groups) and operators (Boolean, proximity or semantic operators) that define the conditions that a quotation must meet to be retrieved, for example "All quotations coded with both codes A and B".

A query can be built incrementally which is instantaneously evaluated and displayed as a list of quotations. This incremental building of complex search queries gives you an exploratory approach toward even the most complex queries.

To open the Query Tool:

Select the Analyze tab and click Query Tool.

The query tool ribbon contains all available operators for querying data, plus a few options that help you build a query. At the left-hand side you see the list of codes and code groups that can be used as operands in a query. The main space is reserved for displaying the query and the results. At the top right-hand side you find a number of different output options to create a report of the query results.

Remember the results of a query in the query tool are always quotations.