What are Smart Codes?

Smart Codes are a convenient way to store queries. They are very similar in look and feel to normal codes, with one important difference: instead of hardwired connections to quotations smart codes store a query to compute their virtual references whenever needed.

  • Smart codes automatically change their behavior during the analysis. If you have a smart code based on a query like: (Code A | Code B) COOCCUR Code C), and you add or delete quotations linked to either Code A, B or C, then the smart code will automatically be adjusted.

  • As a smart code is a query, it cannot be used for coding. For the same reason, smart codes are not displayed in the margin area.

  • Smart codes are displayed in the Code Manager. They can be recognized by a gray dot at the bottom left of the code icon.

  • If you double-click on a smart code, you can retrieve all quotations that are the result of the underlying query.

  • You can change the query that is underlying a smart code by editing the query.

  • Smart codes can be used in code groups, networks, and, last but not least, as powerful operands in queries, allowing you to incrementally build complex queries.

  • Smart codes can be transferred into a regular code by creating a snapshot code.

What you cannot do with Smart Codes

As smart codes are not directly associated with quotations, certain restrictions apply.

  • Coding: You cannot link a smart code directly to a quotation. Therefore, smart codes are not shown in the list of codes when coding your data. Drag & drop operations from code lists to other lists are not possible.

  • Merging: You cannot merge a smart code with other codes.

  • You cannot include a code group in the query for the smart code and assign the smart code to this code group later. This would create a cyclical structure and is therefore not allowed.