The Margin Area

The margin area in ATLAS.ti is an important working space. It is not only used to display entities linked to your data like codes, memos, hyperlinks, groups or networks; it is also a space where you can interact with your data, write and review comments, link and un-link codes, move codes around, replace codes, traverse hyperlinks, and the like.

Depending on the current activity, you can set various display options.

Margin Display Options

To set the display options, right-click on a white space in the margin area. You have the following options:

  • to display codes (default)

  • to display memos (default)

  • to display hyperlinks (default)

  • code groups

  • memo groups

  • networks. The network icon will be display if the quotation or code is part of the network.

  • to show icons (default)

  • to show user name. This is a useful option when working with a team and different team members code the same document, e.g. for the purpose of inter-coder agreement analysis.