Project Search

Use the Project Search tool to search for text and patterns in all elements of your project, not only in the documents that you added. The search can be restricted to certain fields, like name, author, date, comments, and content. Search terms can contain regular expressions (GREP). See Regular Expressions (GREP).

To open the tool select Tools and from there the Project Search option.

Select the entities you want to search in. You can also restrict the search to items created by a specific user.

Enter a search term. If you use regular expression, activate the Use GREP option. You can also select whether a search term should be case senstive or not.

To start the search, click Enter or the search icon.

The results of the search are listed in an interactive list, where you can click on a specific hit and you will be able to see the term within its larger context.

All entities that do not include the search term are grayed out.

When you double-click on a result, it will be displayed in your project.

Searching in Selected Entities

If you only want to search for instance in the comments of codes, click on Show None and then activate the entity type and elements you are interested in, e.g. code and comment.

If you want to refine an existing search, click on the Search tab in the Text Search Result window and enter a modified search and press Enter or the Search icon.