Search & Code

With the recent advances in deep learning, the ability of algorithms to analyse text has improved considerably. Creative use of advanced artificial intelligence techniques can be an effective tool for doing in-depth research.

Under the Search & Code tab, ATLAS.ti offers four ways of searching for relevant information in your data that can then be automatically coded.

Search & Code tab

As ATLAS.ti is a tool for qualitative data analysis, the process is not fully automated. Before coding the data, you can review all results, make modifications or decide not to code certain finds.

Artificial intelligence techniques have been developed for big data analysis. The data corpora usually handled by ATLAS.ti are considerably smaller. Thus, you cannot expect all results to be perfect. Reviewing the results will be a necessary component of the analysis process when using these tools. When working with the tools, you will see that the tools will add another level to your analysis. You find things that you simply do not see when coding the data manually, or would have not considered to code. We, at ATLAS.ti, consider manual and automatic coding to be complementary; each enhancing your analysis in a unique way.