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Reporting A Problem

Select the Help tab and from there Report Problem.

The problem report goes straight to our technical team. Please use this option to report technical issues.

Be sure to include a description of the problem that allows our technicians to reproduce the issue, and do not forget to enter a valid email address.

Sending Suggestions

We are interested in reading about your ideas and suggestions you may have. Please feel free to use this as a wish list. While we cannot grant all wishes, knowing about what you need will help us to continuously improve the program to fit your needs.

Select the Help tab and from there Send Suggestions.

Stay updated with the latest news on product updates, special offers, new training materials, or interesting articles and links we find. We are also happy to hear from users via these channels. Stop by and let us know about your projects and experience with ATLAS.ti!

The ATLAS.ti YouTube channel offers a variety of video materials:

  • Overview of the software functionality
  • Recorded webinars
  • Video tutorials that help you to learn the software.

Videos are available in English and Spanish.