Managing Documents

Whenever the content of a document needs to be displayed, printed, or searched, it accesses its data source and loads the content. This request is often triggered indirectly, e.g., by displaying a quotation. The following lists a few procedures that directly or indirectly load the content of a document:

  • Activating a document in the Project Explorer or the Document Manager.
  • Activating a quotation in a Navigator, the Quotation Manager or the Quotatoin Reader.
  • Selecting a quotation for an activated code or memo.
  • Activating a hyperlink in the margin area.


Loading Documents

Select a document in the Project Explorer and double-click. It will be loaded in the next available tab.


Double-click a document in the Document Manager. (To open the Document Manager double-click on the main document branch in the Project Explorer.)

Editing Documents

To edit a document, click on Edit text in the toolbar. You will now see a edit toolbar on top of the document with various options.

To leave edit mode, click on Edit Text again.
We recommend not do stay in edit mode while coding. You may accidentally modify text while highlighting text segments for coding.

When working in a team, we strongly recommend not to edit text. If team members edit the same document, you will lose one version when merging the project. If text needs to be modified, it should only be edited in the Master Project by the project administrator.

Editing Documents

Renaming Documents

Select a document in the Project Explorer or Document Manager and left-click. This enables in-place editing.
Renaming a document in ATLAS.ti does not change the name of the original source file. As described above under Adding Documents documents are copied into the ATLAS.ti library when adding them to an ATLAS.ti project, and ATLAS.ti no longer needs the original source files.

Deleting Documents

If you accidentally have added documents or want to remove them from your project for other reasons, you can remove them.

Select one or multiple documents in the Project Explorer or the Document Manager, right click and select Delete.

If you delete a document by mistake, you can always use the Undo option in the Quick Access toolbar.

After deleting documents, the consecutive numbering may be off. To renumber documents in consecutive order, from the main menu select Documents > Renumber Documents and Quotations.

Duplicating Documents

If you need a document for different purposes, e.g. you want to view it from different angles and want to code different aspects; or if you want to associate it with different transcripts, you can duplicate a document. All work that you have done so far in the document, like the document comment you have written, all quotations and their comments, all hyperlinks, all linked codes and memos will be duplicated as well,

Open the Document Manager and select one or more documents that you want to duplicate.

Click on the Tools tab and select Duplicate Document(s)

The duplicated document(s) will be added at the end of the list of documents. They have the same name as the original document(s) plus a consecutive number in parentheses.

In terms of project size, the file(s) in the library are not duplicated. The duplicated document uses the same source file as the original document.

Renumbering all Documents

This option becomes useful after you removed one or more documents from a project. This results in gaps in the sequence of document numbers. You may remove these gaps by renumbering all documents:

From the main menu, select Documents > Renumber Documents and Quotations.

User-defined Document S

This is currently only possible in the Windows version.