Margin Drag & Drop

All objects populating the margin area support drag & drop. The effect of a drag & drop operation depends on the entities that are involved as drag sources (those that are dragged) and targets (those onto which entities are dropped).

A large variety of entities from the margin area can be dropped into the margin area.

Furthermore, entities can also be dragged from other entity managers and browsers. Entities can be dragged from the margin into other windows, browsers or even other applications like Word. In the latter case, the ATLAS.ti entity lose their ATLAS.ti specific "objectiveness" but at least they render into something useful, e. g., a formatted title and rich text comment.

  • Dragging and dropping codes: When you drag a code from a code list or the margin area and drop in onto another code in the margin area, you have the choice to either replace or to merge it.
  • Dragging and dropping quotations: When you drag-and drop a quotation onto another quotation, you can either link the quotations (see Creating Hyperlinks), or merge them.
  • Dragging and dropping memos: When you drag-and drop a memo onto a quotation, code or another memo, you link the memo to the respective entity.