Example Reports

Report: All Quotations for Multiple Codes

Open the Quotation Manager. Select multiple codes by holding down the Ctrl-key in the filter area on the left.

Click on the Excel Export button and select whatever should be included in the table:

  • Select ID

  • Select Quotation Name only if you have renamed quotations.

  • Select Document (optional: you may recognize the document by the quotation ID)

  • Select Quotation Content

  • Select Comment (in case you have been writing lots of quotation comments)

  • Select Codes if you want to see other codes that have been applied to a quotation

  • Select Reference = start and end position of the quotation in the document

Activate the Group by Codes option so that ATLAS.ti creates different sheets for each code in the Excel table.

Report: Code Book

Open the Code Manager and select all codes.

Click Excel Report in the ribbon and select the following options:

  • Code

  • Comment

  • optional: Grounded (code frequency) / Density (number linkages to other codes)

  • Code Group

Report: Documents and their Codes

Open the Document Manager and select all documents that you want to export with their codes.

Click Excel Report in the ribbon and select the following options:

  • ID
  • Document
  • Codes

Report: for Multimedia Data

If you have utilized the quotation level when working with multimedia data and have replaced the default quotation name with summaries of what can be seen or heard in the multimedia quotation, this is how you create a useful report:

Select the video quotations in the Quotation Manager.
Select the Excel Report button in the ribbon and select the following options:

  • ID
  • Quotation Name
  • Comment
  • Codes
  • Reference The report will show an overview of all the titles you have created for your image, audio or video segments and the comments you have written. Plus, it provides the exact position within the multimedia file.