Finding Redundant Codings

Redundant codings are overlapping or embedded quotations that are associated with the same code. Such codings can result from normal coding but may occur unnoticed during a merge procedure when working in teams. The Codings Analyzer finds all redundant codings and offers appropriate procedures to correct it. An example of a redundant coding is shown below.

To find all redundant codings, select Quotation > Find Redundant Codings from the main menu.

Cleaning up redundant coding The upper pane lists all codes for which redundant codings were found. The Redundancy column displays the number of pairs of redundant quotations found for the codes. If you select one of the codes, the redundant quotations are listed in pairs, in the middle pane. If you select a pair, you see a preview of the quotation in the bottom pane. Double-clicking on a listed quotation displays it in context.

You can correct the redundancy in the following ways:

Unlink from Left Quotation removes he selected code from the quotation shown on the left-hand side.

Merge Quotations melts the two quotations shown on the right- and left-hand side. All references to and from the merged quotation are "inherited" by the other. If the two quotations overlap, the resulting quotation includes all data from both quotations.

Unlink from Right Quotation removes the selected code from the quotation shown on the right-hand side.

If you see a quotation listed more than once, it means that three or more quotations are involved in a redundant coding. You will notice that merging one pair of quotations may have the effect that other pairs are removed from the list as well, as the redundancy assertion does not hold any longer for the remaining pairs of quotations for this code.