Creating a Project Snapshot

A project duplicate is a copy of the internal ATLAS.ti project file. Reasons for creating a duplicate are:

  • to preserve certain stages of your project to review it later.
  • as fall-back version before a merge, in case something turns out different from what you expected, and you have already saved the merged project. See Project Merge.
  • as a copy of your project that you want to use as template for another project.
  • as a copy of your project to prepare for inter-coder agreement analysis. See Inter-coder Agreement.

To create a project duplicate,

On the Welcome Screen, select a project, right-click and select Duplicate.

If a project is open, you can return to the Welcome Screen by selecting: Project > Open.

Just like ATLAS.ti project files, duplicates are saved internally in the ATLAS.ti environment. A duplicate has the same ID as the project from which it is created.